• دانلود رایگان کتاب Exploring Standard Materials in 3ds Max 2016

    This book is aimed at those digital artists who have just started working on 3ds Max 2016. In this book, we have covered standard materials as well as other related materials and standard maps. A better understanding of materials and maps gives you ability to add realism to your artwork. The concepts you will learn using this book will help you a lot when you will start working on advanced materials such as VRay and mental ray materials.
    This book is written in an easy to understand language. The important terms are in bold face so that you never miss them. This book is written using 3ds Max 2016.
    You will learn how to use standard maps with standard and related materials to model realistic looking surfaces. The parameters are explained with examples and related screen captures. Additional tips, guidance, and advice is provided in form of Tips, Notes, and Warnings. You will gain skills by completing the hands-on exercises provided in the eBook.
    How This Book Is Structured?
    This book is organized to provide you with the knowledge needed to master the standard materials and related maps. This book is divided into three sections:
    Section A - Standard and Related Materials The section will guides you through the Standard material and related materials such as Blend, Composite, Raytrace, Multi/Sub-Object and so forth. The examples used in the section allow you to grasp the concept explained.
    Section B - Standard Maps Autodesk 3ds Max offers many map types that you can use to enhance the look of the material. This section provides an overview of the Standard maps.
    Section C - Hands-on Exercises In this section, you will work on the hands-on exercises using the concepts and techniques learned in the book.
    What are the main features of the book?
    • All standard and related materials as well as the standard maps explained.
    • 9 examples and 4 hands-on exercises to hone your skills.
    • Additional tips, guidance, and advice is provided in form of Tips, Notes, and Warnings.
    • Important terms are in bold face so that you never miss them.
    • Support for technical aspect of the book.
    • 3ds Max files and textures used are available for download.
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    Author Bio:
    نا مشخص
    ISBN : 978-1515165477
    Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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    Unlike traditional manufacturing which involves injecting material into a pre-formed mold or removing material from base material objects, additive manufacturing (3D printing) starts with a virtual 3D model that is transformed into solid form one layer at a time. Each layer is built on top of the layer before, creating a solid form representing the virtual 3D model in all of its complexity and detail without requiring additional forms of machining and treatment necessary in traditional forms of manufacturing.

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Lightning Fast Animation in Element 3D 2014

    About This Book

        Create enthralling and polished 3D graphics using Element 3D
        Explore the overall workflow in Element 3D, including transforming objects, applying materials, and lighting scenes
        Fully illustrated and written in a conversational manner

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    Welcome to Game Engine Architecture. This book aims to present a complete discussion of the major components that make up a typical commercial game engine. Game programming is an immense topic, so we have a lot of ground to cover. Nevertheless, I trust you’ll find that the depth of our discussions is sufficient to give you a solid understanding of both the theory and the common practices employed within each of the engineering disciplines we’ll cover. That said, this book is really just the beginning of a fascinating and potentially lifelong journey. A wealth of information is available on all aspects of game technology, and this text serves both as a foundation laying device and as a jumping-off point for further learning.

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    Best-selling author, visual effects supervisor, and technical educator Dariush Derakhshani brings you a newly-updated, step-by-step guide to the most popular and complex 3D application on the market, Autodesk Maya. Introducing Autodesk Maya 2015 includes straightforward lessons, real-world examples, detailed tutorials, and downloadable project files that get you modeling and animating your own digital models and scenes right away.

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    Universal design (UD) facilitates the comfort and navigation of those with failing eyesight or restricted mobility, and the family members and professionals who care for them. Whether at home, work, or a public place, people appreciate the beautiful and the practical. This book takes a vital and meaningful approach, going beyond the basics and delving into details. It gets to the heart of UD and supplies an understanding of design from a greater perspective.

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    Welcome to another edition of your favourite foray into the shiny world of  3D. There’s lots packed in this issue,  from interviews covering the worlds of  architecture, TV and advertising to a  feature on how DAZ 3D is following the Blender  route by offering free software with paid-for  content. On the tutorial front, the massive gas  station diner concludes – the fi rst part is on the CD  in case you missed it. No More Winefeatures an  undersea pirate creature having dinner – no, really,  it does – see page 44. And fi nally, you can’t escape  the fact that there’s a new version of Max on the  streets, so check out page 84 for the review.

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    The post-SIGGRAPH announcements are still trickling in, as all the major companies revise, consolidate or update their packages. The question has to be asked whether anyone actually needs their main app updating every year. Sticking a 2010 label on it and pumping in some new features is all good and well if the cost of upgrading from last year’s package is nominal, but not otherwise. It simply comes across as milking the customers and, in hard times, that’s when they will start to look at the alternatives. Bringing me to the ultimate in alternative packages – Blender. We have our fi rst tutorial using the free package in this issue. Enjoy!

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    Welcome to the Magazine and 116 Pages of Amazing 3D. If you spent part of your childhood hiding behind the sofa when the Cybermen arrived or marvelled at sentient lumps of rock,then you spent your formative years watching Dr Who. The threadbare sets and questionable effects of the show – not to mention increasingly poor actors – eventually saw its demise.

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    WoodWorks® Grille Ceiling & Wall Systems strike the perfect balance of acoustics and aesthetics. The natural, solid wood blades come in two sizes and four fi nishes – including Dark Cherry, Light Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. Tegular Grille panels are designed so the suspension system virtually disappears. The standard systems are easy to install as ceilings or walls with seamless ceiling-to-wall transition options. And acoustical infi ll panels add outstanding sound absorption.

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    October is an exciting month — not only can we bask outside in more ambient weather but the social scene is kicking off again. For interiors this means Downtown Design. Now in its second year, the luxury trade show is championing original design from all around the world, with a special focus on Latvia.

    Could this Baltic state be the new Nordic? Find out on page 40. Keeping our focus on original design, we discover paper furniture is made of strong stuff, we snoop around the eclectic apartment of our favourite design expert George Foster, and reveal how emerging Middle East talent took over London. It's a bumper issue full of originality. Enjoy!

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    welcome to the October issue of ABC+D. Our new Architectural Studies, introduced in the September issue, have been very well received and so, in this issue, we have selected three more which we hope you will enjoy just as much.

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    Elevate the two most frequented rooms in the home—the kitchen and the bathroom—with the newest trimmings, from copper fi xtures to GE’s modular microappliances. We tackle a clever kitchen renovation in New Jersey, as well as a cozy tiled bath in San Francisco and a sleek marble version in Toronto. Finally, we take a gander at Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll’s fi rst foray beyond furniture and lighting: a modern wood-burning stove.

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    Ecobuilding Review helps residential builders, remodelers, designers, and product specifiers compete in the green building market by delivering clear, accurate, and actionable content on green building products and product trends, technical innovations, and building science. Ecobuilding Review is the professional's source for the products and practices that contribute to high-quality, practical, and long-lasting sustainable building projects.

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    All material submitted for inclusion in Hospitality Interiors is done so entirely at the contributor’s own risk. No responsibility is accepted for the safe-keeping of contributors’ materials. Whilst all attempts are made to ensure accurate reproduction, Hospitality Interiors accepts no responsibility for variations. Artwork undertaken by our studio remains the copyright of Gearing Media Group Ltd and may not be reproduced or stored without prior permission. Some articles in Hospitality Interiors have been submitted by companies and organisations. Monies may have been accepted in some instances to offset production costs.

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    A design led magazine, incorporating high quality features, news, views, and worldwide exhibition previews and reviews. Delivering quality information, latest products and company profiles to inspire, inform and improve UK interiors retailing.

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    Welcome, Let pixar put a Smile on Your Face With our Exclusive Tutorial
    The launch of RenderMan 19 caught our attention this month so we asked Pixar to write a tutorial for us! On page 54 you can read how to render a photorealistic face using the latest user-friendly edition of RenderMan. What’s more, on page 42, Pixar has shared production details on its latest animated short, the epic musical Lava!

  • دانلود مجله طراحی سه بعدی 3D World شماره نوامبر 2014

    Welcome, Improve your Rendering with This Issues Pro Artists
    This issue we turn our attention to the art of rendering, with our stunning cover by Oleg Memukhin leading the way as the artist shares his V-Ray workflow on page 72. Elsewhere we look at the rise of GPU rendering on page 18, and then on page 64 Erasmus Brosdau reveals how Crytek’s Cinebox renderer has helped production on his Warhammer 40K fan film.

  • دانلود نسخه چهارم کتاب آموزشی Inside Rhinoceros 5 از کمپانی Cengage Learning

    INSIDE RHINOCEROS 5, is a well-designed introduction to using the latest version of Rhino. This book bridges the gap between theoretical and software-oriented approaches to computer modeling by providing a balanced presentation of theory, concepts, and hands-on tutorials. It begins with an overview of the Rhinoceros5 interface and progresses to explore wireframe models and the construction of curves. This book contains an in-depth examination of surface modeling, taking your students step-by-step through surfaces construction using Rhino and discusses in detail solid modeling methods, rendering, engineering drawing, and outputting to various file formats. INSIDE RHINOCEROS 5, concludes with a set of projects aimed at allowing your students to apply Rhino in real world design situations.

  • معرفی مدرک CCNP Security

    مدرک Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)Security به منظور محک توانایی های مهندسین امنیت شبکه در امن سازی روترها ، سوییچ ها و دستگاه ها و ابزارهای شبکه می باشد.
    پس از گذراندن آزمون های مرتبط و کسب این مدرک مهارت هایی از قبیل پیاده سازی ، پشتیبانی و عیب یابی فایروال ها ، شبکه های خصوصی مجازی و IDS/IPS در محیط عملیاتی را خواهید آموخت.