• دانلود رایگان کتاب Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016: Autodesk Official Press

    The Autodesk-endorsed guide to real-world Revit Architecture mastery Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016 provides focused discussions, detailed exercises, and compelling, real-world examples to help you get the most out of the Revit Architecture 2016 software. Information is organized to reflect the way you learn and implement Revit, featuring real-world workflows, in-depth explanations, and practical tutorials that help you understand Revit and BIM concepts so you can quickly start accomplishing vital tasks. The thorough coverage makes this book an ideal study guide for those preparing for Autodesk's certification exam. The companion website features before-and-after tutorials, additional advanced content, and video on crucial techniques to help you quickly master important tasks. This comprehensive guide walks you through the software to help you begin designing quickly. * Understand basic BIM concepts and the Revit interface * Explore templates, work-sharing, and project management workflows * Learn modeling, massing, and visualization techniques for other industries * Work with complex structures, annotation, detailing, and much more To master what is quickly becoming an essential industry tool, Mastering Revit Architecture 2016 is your ultimate practical companion.
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    Author Bio:
    James Vandezande is a registered architect, an Autodesk Authorized Author, and Principal at HOK, where he is one of the company's BIM leaders. Vandezande is also involved in developing the US National BIM Standard and the LOD Specification. Eddy Krygiel is an Autodesk Authorized Author and registered architect. He has almost 20 years of experience in architecture having worked on a range of project types and sizes. He has helped to implement BIM and Revit within several firms and teaches at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design.
    ISBN : 978-1119044611
    Publisher : Sybex; 1 edition
  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Autodesk InfraWorks and InfraWorks 360 Essentials 2014

    Autodesk InfraWorks Essentials is a complete, hands-on tutorial for InfraWorks, the powerful design tool that lets you quickly generate 3D models to create infrastructure designs and proposals. This Autodesk Official Press book shows you the right way to take advantage of versatile InfraWorks features. From creating models in the context of the existing environment to crafting stunning proposals, you'll become comfortable with every step of the design process. After working through this start-to-finish tutorial, you'll be able to productively use InfraWorks for civil project design that's fully integrated with existing real-world characteristics.

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 Essentials

    This detailed introduction to Revit Architecture features straightforward explanations and real-world, hands-on tutorials to teach new users the software's core features and functions.

    Presented in the context of real-world workflows, and using real-world projects, each Chapter contains a discussion of the "why" and "how" that is reinforced with a step-by-step tutorial so you'll gain practical and applicable experience with the core features of Revit Architecture. The new pedagogical approach emphasizes learning skills to help you prepare for the Revit certification exams.

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015, No Experience Required

    For those who like to learn by doing, this Autodesk Official Press book shows you how to build a four-story office building one step at a time, providing you with real-world practice you might expect to encounter on the job. Concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and an engaging hands-on tutorial make this book the perfect way to learn Revit Architecture. In addition, you can download starting files for each chapter from the website in order to compare your work to the authors, or start fresh with any chapter in the book.

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015

    Responding to reader and instructor feedback, the expert author team updated and refreshed the book's content to make it even more useful, complete, and approachable. Mastering Revit Architecture is organized by real-world workflows and features detailed explanations, interesting real-world examples, and practical tutorials to help readers understand Revit and BIM concepts so that they can quickly start accomplishing vital Revit tasks.

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2015

    The expert author team for this Autodesk Official Press book has employed their years of experience to develop this exhaustive reference and tutorial, which is perfectly paced to cover all the core concepts and functionality of Revit MEP including:

        Navigating the interface
        Project setup and templates
        Mechanical concerns such as building loads and ductwork
        Electrical concerns such as lighting and communications outlets
        Plumbing concerns such as fixtures and water systems

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی SketchUp for Interior Design: 3D Visualizing, Designing, and Space Planning از کمپانی Wiley

    Already a common and popular tool for architects and landscape architects, SketchUp is increasingly finding a place in the professional workflow of interior designers. SketchUp for Interior Design is a practical introduction for interior designers and students who want to learn to use the software for their unique needs.

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Universal Design: Principles and Models از کمپانی CRC Press

    Universal design (UD) facilitates the comfort and navigation of those with failing eyesight or restricted mobility, and the family members and professionals who care for them. Whether at home, work, or a public place, people appreciate the beautiful and the practical. This book takes a vital and meaningful approach, going beyond the basics and delving into details. It gets to the heart of UD and supplies an understanding of design from a greater perspective.

  • دانلود مجله Architect Magazine - October 2014


    WoodWorks® Grille Ceiling & Wall Systems strike the perfect balance of acoustics and aesthetics. The natural, solid wood blades come in two sizes and four fi nishes – including Dark Cherry, Light Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. Tegular Grille panels are designed so the suspension system virtually disappears. The standard systems are easy to install as ceilings or walls with seamless ceiling-to-wall transition options. And acoustical infi ll panels add outstanding sound absorption.

  • دانلود مجله Better Homes Dubai - October 2014

    October is an exciting month — not only can we bask outside in more ambient weather but the social scene is kicking off again. For interiors this means Downtown Design. Now in its second year, the luxury trade show is championing original design from all around the world, with a special focus on Latvia.

    Could this Baltic state be the new Nordic? Find out on page 40. Keeping our focus on original design, we discover paper furniture is made of strong stuff, we snoop around the eclectic apartment of our favourite design expert George Foster, and reveal how emerging Middle East talent took over London. It's a bumper issue full of originality. Enjoy!

  • دانلود مجله دکوراسیون داخلی ABC+D - October 2014

    welcome to the October issue of ABC+D. Our new Architectural Studies, introduced in the September issue, have been very well received and so, in this issue, we have selected three more which we hope you will enjoy just as much.

  • دانلود مجله دکوراسیون داخلی Dwell - November 2014

    Elevate the two most frequented rooms in the home—the kitchen and the bathroom—with the newest trimmings, from copper fi xtures to GE’s modular microappliances. We tackle a clever kitchen renovation in New Jersey, as well as a cozy tiled bath in San Francisco and a sleek marble version in Toronto. Finally, we take a gander at Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll’s fi rst foray beyond furniture and lighting: a modern wood-burning stove.

  • دانلود مجله دکوراسیون داخلی EcoBuilding Review - Winter 2014

    Ecobuilding Review helps residential builders, remodelers, designers, and product specifiers compete in the green building market by delivering clear, accurate, and actionable content on green building products and product trends, technical innovations, and building science. Ecobuilding Review is the professional's source for the products and practices that contribute to high-quality, practical, and long-lasting sustainable building projects.

  • دانلود مجله دکوراسیون داخلی Hospitality Interiors - October 2014

    All material submitted for inclusion in Hospitality Interiors is done so entirely at the contributor’s own risk. No responsibility is accepted for the safe-keeping of contributors’ materials. Whilst all attempts are made to ensure accurate reproduction, Hospitality Interiors accepts no responsibility for variations. Artwork undertaken by our studio remains the copyright of Gearing Media Group Ltd and may not be reproduced or stored without prior permission. Some articles in Hospitality Interiors have been submitted by companies and organisations. Monies may have been accepted in some instances to offset production costs.

  • دانلود مجله دکوراسیون داخلی Interiors Monthly شماره ماه نوامبر 2014

    A design led magazine, incorporating high quality features, news, views, and worldwide exhibition previews and reviews. Delivering quality information, latest products and company profiles to inspire, inform and improve UK interiors retailing.

  • معرفی مدرک CCNP Security

    مدرک Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)Security به منظور محک توانایی های مهندسین امنیت شبکه در امن سازی روترها ، سوییچ ها و دستگاه ها و ابزارهای شبکه می باشد.
    پس از گذراندن آزمون های مرتبط و کسب این مدرک مهارت هایی از قبیل پیاده سازی ، پشتیبانی و عیب یابی فایروال ها ، شبکه های خصوصی مجازی و IDS/IPS در محیط عملیاتی را خواهید آموخت.