• دانلود رایگان کتاب F# Deep Dives


    F# Deep Dives presents a collection of real-world F# techniques, each written by expert practitioners. Each chapter presents a new use case where you'll read how the author used F# to solve a complex problem more effectively than would have been possible using a traditional approach. You'll not only see how a specific solution works in a specific domain, you'll also learn how F# developers approach problems, what concepts they use to solve them, and how they integrate F# into existing systems and environments.

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    About the Technology

    F# is an elegant, cross-platform, functional-first programming language. With F#, developers create consistent and predictable programs that are easier to test and reuse, simpler to parallelize, and less prone to bugs. The language, its tooling, and the functional programming style have proven effective in many application areas like secure financial engines, machine learning algorithms, scientific calculations, collaborative web applications, games, and more.

    About the Book

    F# Deep Dives is a selection of real-world F# techniques written by expert practitioners. Each chapter presents an important use case where you'll solve a real programming challenge effectively using F# and the functional-first approach. Not only will you see how a specific solution works in a specific domain, but you'll also learn how functional programmers think about problems, how they solve them, and how they integrate F# into existing systems and environments.

    Readers should have at least an introductory knowledge of the F# language.

    What's Inside

    • Numerical computing
    • Data visualization
    • Business logic
    • Domain-specific languages
    • Practical solutions to real problems
    • Information-rich programming, including LINQ and F# type providers
    • Covers F# 3.1 and VS 2013

    About the Authors

    Tomas Petricek contributed to the development of the F# language at Microsoft Research. Phil Trelford is an early adopter of F# and one of its most vocal advocates. They are joined by F# experts Chris Ballard, Keith Battocchi, Colin Bull, Chao-Jen Chen, Yan Cui, Johann Deneux, Kit Eason, Evelina Gabasova, Dmitry Morozov, and Don Syme.

    Table of Contents

    1. Succeeding with functional-first languages in the industry
    2. Calculating cumulative binomial distributions
    3. Parsing text-based languages
    4. Numerical computing in the financial domain
    5. Understanding social networks
    6. Integrating stock data into the F# language
    7. Developing rich user interfaces using the MVC pattern
    8. Asynchronous and agent-based programming
    9. Creating games using XNA
    10. Building social web applications
    11. F# in the enterprise
    12. Software quality
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    Author Bio:
    Tomas Petricek contributed to the development of the F# language at Microsoft Research and is active on StackOverflow. He's the author of Real-World Functional Programming (Manning).Phil Trelford is an early adopter of F# and one of its most vocal advocates. You'll find him at http://trelford.com/blog/author/phil.​aspx.
    ISBN : 978-1617291326
    Publisher : Manning Publications; 1 edition
  • دانلود رایگان کتاب Learning F# Functional Data Structures and Algorithms

    Get started with F# and explore functional programming paradigm with data structures and algorithms

    About This Book

    • Design data structures and algorithms in F# to tackle complex computing problems
    • Understand functional programming with examples and easy-to-follow code samples in F#
    • Provides a learning roadmap of the F# ecosystem with succinct illustrations

    Who This Book Is For

    If you have just started your adventure with F#, then this book will help you take the right steps to become a successful F# coder. An intermediate knowledge of imperative programming concepts, and a basic understanding of the algorithms and data structures in .NET environments using the C# language and BCL (Base Class Library), would be helpful.

    What You Will Learn

    • Familiarize yourself with the functional programming nature of F# and explore its fundamentals
    • Utilize data structures available in F# and apply recursion and lazy evaluation
    • Gain insights into functional programming paradigms; dissect F# code and analyze code available in community projects
    • Build abstract data structures and utilize powerful optimization techniques such as memoization
    • Explore and test built-in F# bespoke data structures and algorithms
    • Become resourceful and learn how to easily reuse libraries contributed by the C# and F# community
    • Understand the trade-offs in selecting purely functional (persistent) over mutable data structures
    • Implement custom ADT (Abstract Data Type), and discover parallel programming and asynchrony within F#

    In Detail

    F# is a multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming language properties. The F# functional programming language enables developers to write simple code to solve complex problems.

    Starting with the fundamental concepts of F# and functional programming, this book will walk you through basic problems, helping you to write functional and maintainable code. Using easy-to-understand examples, you will learn how to design data structures and algorithms in F# and apply these concepts in real-life projects. The book will cover built-in data structures and take you through enumerations and sequences. You will gain knowledge about stacks, graph-related algorithms, and implementations of binary trees. Next, you will understand the custom functional implementation of a queue, review sets and maps, and explore the implementation of a vector. Finally, you will find resources and references that will give you a comprehensive overview of F# ecosystem, helping you to go beyond the fundamentals.

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    Author Bio:
    Adnan Masood Adnan Masood, Ph.D. is a developer, software architect, and researcher and specializes in machine learning and Bayesian belief networks. He is an avid engineer and is most comfortable working with the IDE. Before joining Green Dot Corporation, a leading prepaid financial technology institution, he enjoyed life as a principal engineer of a start-up and worked for a leading UK nonprofit organization as a solutions architect. A strong believer in the development community, Adnan is an active member of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), an organization dedicated to software security. In the .NET community, he is a cofounder and president of the Pasadena .NET Developers group, which he has been successfully leading for 8 years. He pursues interests in algorithmic puzzles, machine learning, functional programming, cloud computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), .NET, design patterns, application security, and robotics. He has also led a number of successful enterprise solutions and consulted for several Fortune 500 company projects. Adnan devotes himself to his own continual, practical education. He holds certifications in big data, machine learning, and systems architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; an Application Security certification from Stanford University; an SOA Smarts certification from Carnegie Mellon University; and certifications as a ScrumMaster, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, and Sun Certified Java Developer. Adnan has taught Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) courses at the University of California, San Diego, and loves to conduct presentations at top academic and technology conferences (for example, IEEE-HST, IASA, and DevConnections), local code camps, and user groups. He is also a volunteer FLL robotics coach for middle school students at Universal Academy of Florida. At home, his two very energetic boys, Zakariya and Ali, keep him busy―but not quite busy enough to keep him from compulsively buying (though not always reading) books in all formats. Adnan defines Pluto as a planet, chocolate as a food group, and A Game of Thrones as historical fiction. For more details, visit Adnan's blog (http://blog.adnanmasood.com), GitHub repository (http://github.com/adnanmasood), and Twitter (@adnanmasood). Adnan can be reached at این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید.
    ISBN : 978-1783558476
    Publisher : Packt Publishing - ebooks Account
  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی کلیات و چگونگی استفاده از Visual Studio ، .NET ، ASP .NET ، VB .NET ، C Sharp و F Sharp

    معرفی EBook آموزشی Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 6 in 1 یک کتاب آموزشی بسیار کاربردی و مفید برای برنامه نویسانی است که در ادغام و تعیین حوزه کاری زبان های C# ، F# ، VB .NET ، ASP .NET و .NET دچار مشکل هستند. در این کتاب آموزشی با کلیات و چگونگی استفاده از Visual Studio ، .NET ، ASP .NET ، VB .NET ، C# و F# را آشنا خواهید شد.
    مطالعه این EBook به تمام برنامه نویسان در بهبود روند کاریشان و استفاده از بهترین ابزارها برای نوشتن برنامه ها و وب سایت های خود کمک می کند.
    برای دانلود این کتاب الکترونیکی ارزشمند و کارا به ادامه مطلب بروید.

  • دانلود کتاب آموزشی Professional F# 2.0 به منظور آموزش چگونگی تعامل زبان برنامه نویسی F# با انواع تکنولوژی های .NET

    زبان برنامه نویسی  F#برای شما محیطی امن و کارآمد در پلتفرم .NET بوجود می آورد. این زبان یک زبان ساده و عملی است که قادر خواهید بود از آن در برنامه نویسی شی گرا ، برنامه نویسی I/O ، برنامه نویسی Parallel CPU و اسکریپت نویسی ها استفاده کنید.
    در این کتاب آموزشی Professional F# 2.0 چگونگی تعامل زبان برنامه نویسی F# با انواع تکنولوژی های .NET مانند Silverlight یا Relational Databases و استفاده از آن برای توسعه برنامه های کاربردی را خواهید آموخت.
    برای دانلود این کتاب آموزشی به ادامه مطلب بروید.

  • معرفی مدرک CCNP Security

    مدرک Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)Security به منظور محک توانایی های مهندسین امنیت شبکه در امن سازی روترها ، سوییچ ها و دستگاه ها و ابزارهای شبکه می باشد.
    پس از گذراندن آزمون های مرتبط و کسب این مدرک مهارت هایی از قبیل پیاده سازی ، پشتیبانی و عیب یابی فایروال ها ، شبکه های خصوصی مجازی و IDS/IPS در محیط عملیاتی را خواهید آموخت.